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PAREF Springdale School is now open for admission for School Year 2018-2019. For specific concerns or details, please look into the items contained herein. If you wish to know more about the school or the admission process, feel free to call or visit the School Registrar.
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The Grade School Unit introduces students to the Springdale educational experience. During their stay in the Grade School, students master the foundational skills of reading, writing, speaking and calculating through the curricular framework of Understanding by Design (UbD) that


The High School Unit builds on and refines the academic and personal formation programs of the Grade School. High School students are trained to acquire clarity, order and precision in thought, skill in analysis, judgment and expression, and the ability to reflect on their learning experiences.


Senior High School comprises the culminating two years of the High School Unit. Following the Department of Education’s curriculum while remaining faithful to the educational philosophy of the school, Springdale Senior High School equips students for tertiary education and provides them with

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