By: Mico Minerva

Last February 20 to 24 2018, the Grade 11 batch of PAREF Springdale School had its 12th work camp at Barangay Bonbon, Cebu City . It has been held there every year since 2008: when PAREF Springdale first adopted Bonbon Elementary School.

Every year, Springdale students would go to Barangay Bonbon to provide assistance to the less fortunate students with different projects. This year, both the Grade 10 and 11 batches worked hand-in-hand for the installation of hand-built desktop tables, tutorials of Math and English, and Science demonstrations as well.

The Grade 11 batch were divided into two groups: one for the tables and one for the tutorials. The Table Team started transporting the materials on a Tuesday, and finished 8 fully-painted tables by Friday. The tutorials team started discussing refreshing topics to the 5th and 6th students on Tuesday that led up to a successful recap examination on Friday to conclude the acquired knowledge of the students from the gentlemen.

In addition to that, the Grade 10 students performed chemistry demonstrations for the elementary students, with special thanks to the Grade 10 Chemistry teacher who made all of this possible: Mr. Randy Delostrico. Students were also able to immerse themselves in a working environment, while strengthening their unwavering morals and ideals. As a school of character, PAREF Springdale aims to equip every student with the moral values and character formation needed to grow in maturity and contribute to the society.