Titans make their mark in PSDL S12 vs Griffins

October 15, 2023 | Isaiah Gabriel Lim, Mr. Paul Vincent Boiles

In a day filled with basketball, the Springdale Titans U12, U14, and U16 teams started off their Private Schools Developmental League (PSDL) Season 12 journey last October 7, 2023 at L.H. Foundation Gymnasium of PAREF Springdale School.

In a game that seemed all over from the start, the Springdale Titans U12 Team, who lacked a few of their key players due to health issues, suffered a crushing defeat against Academia del Christifidelis (ADC) Griffins.

Right from the start, it was clear that the Griffins had the upper hand, taking the first quarter with a 15-0 lead.

Much of the same can be said throughout the rest of the game, as the Titans failed to even come close as ADC effortlessly ran through the team to win with an astounding 42-7 lead.

It was a loss that left the Titans crushed, with plenty to think and improve upon in the matches ahead.

However, the Springdale Titans U14 team left the crowd speechless and took the game over ADC for their first win of the season. The Titans started out strong, taking a 16-2 lead over ADC in the first quarter.

The Titans managed to keep their lead with no fail, running ahead throughout the rest of the game to win in an amazing 55-19 lead, leaving ADC with no answer throughout the entire game. It was a remarkable performance that left the team with high spirits as a resounding start to their season, with hopefully more to come.

Additionally, the Titans 16U team pulled off an impressive blowout win over the Griffins.

It was apparent that the team had come to win, pushing through and taking a 13-3 lead over ADC in the first quarter. ADC was clearly not ready to lose, as they came back with a much better performance in the 2nd quarter.

However, the Titans were not keen on letting them take the lead as they kept up their performance, maintaining a 24-13 lead to close off the first half.

The Titans refused to let the Griffins catch up as they ended with an impressive 43-26 win. This win showcased the team’s talent and motivation as they took a great first step in their road to winning it all.

With each game displaying the preparations Titans made for this tournament, from a blowout loss to blowout wins, this day demonstrated what Springdale basketball had in store for the rest of the league and left many with a great look on their team.