Titans triumph over PCGS in MAGIS Invitational 15U

October 1, 2023 | Isaiah Gabriel Lim, Mr/ Paul Vincent Boiles

In their first showdown to the tournament, the PAREF Springdale Titans came out with a 58-45 win over PCGS. The game, filled with intense, fast-paced, and even comedic moments marked a fantastic start to the Titan’s MAGIS season.

Taking home the MVP, in his first game for the U15 Group, was the Titan’s newest point guard Louie Arreglo III, putting on an impressive scoring output with 16 points, and showing out with an impressive defensive performance for his debut to lead the Titans to victory.

The game started off in PCGS’ favor, taking the lead over Springdale 14-17 in the First Quarter. The Titans soon took the charge right after, taking the lead in the Second Quarter. A close back-and-forth game would have played on for a short while, with each team exchanging basket after basket. It was with the breakout performance by the team’s second and third units, that they would end up breaking away, maintaining their lead for the rest of the game to end in a 58-45 win.

This victory showcased the fruits of the Titan’s training, uplifting the team’s motivation as they look ahead to continue with this success in MAGIS.