Why Choose Us

Springdale’s Unique Features

Personal integral education in pursuit of academic excellence and a life of virtue

  • The School has a unique structure - we have an Academics unit (to oversee the academic affairs) and Personal Formation unit (to take care of the mentoring program and the extra-curricular affairs for students and their families). 
  • As much as possible and when applicable, teachers are encouraged to emphasize Gospel values and Christian doctrine in all curricular offerings. 
  • All members in the Springdale community are assigned to mentors, who are expected to talk with them regularly to grow in virtue and improve on their personal weaknesses.
  • The Personal Formation unit and the Chaplaincy works hand-in-hand to provide a Catholic view on each individual’s formation.

Small class sizes

  • Teacher can give more attention to the students who need reinforcement
  • Maximizes student participation: everyone contributes to the learning process
  • Students are empowered to share their ideas in a warm and caring atmosphere of learning.

Differentiated instruction

  • Teachers actively identify students who need learning reinforcement.
  • Teachers and parents schedule academic conferences to address various concerns.
  • The type of instruction varies according to the academic level of the student.
    • Students who excel in a particular subject may be given advanced supplementary activities to hone his skill and ability.
    • Students who have a difficult time in a particular subject may be scheduled for academic intervention programs upon the student and/or teacher’s discretion.
  • Teachers design performance-based assessments to accurately gauge if the students achieved the lesson’s goals. 

The presence of a Strategic Roadmap

  • The School prepared its strategy roadmap assisted by ISA to establish strategic goals and deliverables for school improvement.
  • Invited students, parents and key school administration to participate in the creation of the strategy roadmaps.

Accreditation and Recognitions.

  • Candidate Status - Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) as of S.Y. 2017-2018.
  • School of Character (2016-2019; 2019-2022) - Character Education Partnership (CEP)
  • Performance Governance Standards (PGS) Initiated - Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) since 2013.

 Data-based decisions.

  • The School conducted a survey to the parents and teachers consulting them how we can deliver the curriculum before we started S.Y. 2020-2021. Another survey for students and parents was conducted to assess the program implementation after the first quarter.
  • Major curricular decisions are based on our students’ performance in CEM’s standardized tests. Adjustments in the arrangement of topics and improvements in the implementation of certain programs are made because of the data we gather from the different standardized assessments.
  • Springdale’s curriculum is based on the DepEd, CEM, and PAREF. These are regularly monitored and adjusted according to the student’s level of learning. 

Parents’ active role in school affairs.

Parents are empowered to take on leadership roles for various school activities.

  • Father and Son Encounters also provide opportunities for interaction and learning together. 
  • New Parents’ Education Program (NPEP) is also a remarkable practice that attempts to introduce parents to the school culture and initiatives.

Performance Tasks.

  • Teachers deliberately design assessments so that students will acquire the needed knowledge and skills and achieve the School’s desired learning outcomes. 
  • The Subject Coordinators review the performance task instructions to align with the students’ capacity. Each School Departments study the performance tasks for possible integration to reduce the number of major performance-based assessments that students have to accomplish each quarter. These are summarized in the Performance Task List, which provides parents and students a heads-up of what the learner is expected to perform or produce every quarter.
  • Teachers allocate and protect instruction time, and instruction is part of an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum, focusing on the curricular content that is most essential and the skills that are most valued. 

Curriculum aligned with results of standardized assessments.

  • Teachers regularly conduct curriculum planning sessions at the beginning of the year for curriculum preparation, content alignment, and lesson pacing.
  • Springdale’s curriculum is aligned with the Department of Education (DepEd), PAREF, and Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) curricula.
  • CEM Achievement Tests are conducted to assess the students if they were able to achieve the learning outcomes.