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In 26 years, Springdale has molded young Christian gentlemen and families of character in service to the Cebuano community.

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Bene Omnia Facere

By doing all things well, the members of the Springdale community enable positive change in their families and respective communities.

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Why Choose Us?

Springdale students not only strive for academic success but also give special care and attention to their personal and spiritual development also.

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PAREF Springdale School

Do All Things Well

A group of Cebu-based families wanted for their children a school set-up along the same education thrusts and philosophy as PAREF Schools in Manila.

In 1993, this group of parents, well aware of their mission as the principal educators of their sons, came together with some teachers to set up PAREF Southcrest, the first PAREF school in Cebu. The boys from its first batch of pre-school graduates eventually needed a school of their own.

And so, in 1996, PAREF Springdale for Boys was established.

Through the academic institutions, professional teachers collaborate with the parents in their mission, by providing a balanced and demanding academic and personal formation for their sons. With the support of the Springdale community and its formative activities, the parents activity promote the total formation of their sons.

At present, PAREF Springdale School offers Grade 1 to Grade 12.


PAREF Springdale School
is a member of the PAREF School System


PAREF Students are thriving at these top universities both here and abroad.