Personal formation refers to the entirety of the education that is received in Springdale. The academic program, the mentoring, the spiritual means of formation of the student,
sports and even the facilities contribute to the formation of the student as a person with an intellect and will. Everything in Springdale exists and is done for the sake of the total personal development of the students. A more specific way of understanding personal formation, however, is to consider it in contradistinction to academic or intellectual formation. Taken in this context, it is understood to mean the efforts of specific agents to form the student such that he pursues wisdom and virtue. By wisdom means that the knowledge a human being must have to be happy in this life and in the next. By virtue pertains to the habits that make a human being good.

The Personal Formation Program consists of means of formation that aim for integral development. These means of formation endeavor to bring the student to a greater self-knowledge, preparing him for life here and after. The program consists in a deliberate and systematic program of character formation that is:

  1. founded on the academic program which is considered the primary venue for forming character;
  2. directed to all the students in a personalized manner;
  3. permeated by a Catholic ethos and the lay spirituality of Opus Dei;
  4. carried out through the collaboration of the parents and the teachers