15 PAREF Schools to Host an International Virtual Conference on Finding Hope and Joy Amidst a Pandemic

October 14, 2021 | PAREF Schools


The fifteen schools of the Parents for Education Foundation, Inc. (PAREF) in the Philippines, in partnership with Parousia Media of Australia, are holding a free virtual event called the Jesus-Centered Life (JCL) International Conference: Share the Joy on December 8 – 12, 2021.

Officially endorsed by the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Education, the conference will feature global and local speakers such as Jason Evert, Charbel Raish, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Dr. Hal Urban, Dr. Thomas Lickona, Fr. Francis Hoffman, Katrina Alvir, Bro. Bo Sanchez, Dr. Raul Nidoy, Mann Rentoy, JPaul Hernandez, Sha Nacino, and Bernz O. Caasi.

Dr. Raul Nidoy, an atheist-turned-Catholic theologian, convened the conference after publishing his book Jesus-Centered: A Guide to the Happiest Life because he believes that we need to address the pressing issues of our time like the pandemic and the threats to the modern family by encouraging people to rediscover the joy and peace of a life centered on Jesus Christ.

Nationally-renowned speaker and educator Mann Rentoy, and one of the Core Organizers of the event stated, “Now more than ever, there is a need to remind everyone of the importance of centering one’s life on Christ, if we are to make sense of our existence. Recent popes have repeatedly pointed out this need.”

Moreover, he also hopes that through the various talks, guided prayers, family rosaries and other activities of the conference, many families, professionals and students who will take part, will be able to discover practical ways to lead a more Jesus-centered life.

In the recent Press Conference held on October 13 with some of JCL’s international speakers, the panel talked about how modern families going through crises can still find joy and hope in the pandemic.

Called the Dynamic Deacon, American Harold Burke-Sivers said that while other countries have been caving in to the ungodly culture, the Philippines has remained strong in keeping the Christian culture and its influence “will reverberate throughout the world.” That is why he said that he was thrilled that the Philippines is taking the lead in bringing Jesus at the center of the lives of families. The Conference is an opportunity to bring hope and to come together as a world family, he continued. “I encourage everyone,” he said, “to attend this Conference.”

“Get as many people as possible,” said Australian Charbel Raish of Parousia. He explained that “if you discover a treasure, you don’t bury it, but you share it. I am telling you that you are going to have these international speakers, some of the world’s best, absolutely free.”

Bernz O. Caasi, the Conference Coordinator who was a former anti-Catholic Protestant, also hopes that this event will help more people discover and defend Catholicism by encouraging them to take an active role in their mission on evangelization.

Being at the forefront of character formation, mentoring, and home-school collaboration for the past 45 years, PAREF is hosting this conference as a timely gift to the Philippines which is currently celebrating its 500th anniversary of Christianity in the country. The organizers also hope that the conference will encourage people to take their Christian formation more seriously.

Launched in 2020, JCL reached over 20,000 people from around the world. JCL 2021 is expected to have 40,000 participants from around the world who will have exclusive access to virtual talks by local and international speakers, guided prayers, live panel discussions, and online masses celebrated by Filipino bishops.

This online Conference is self-paced, meaning you can choose from the library of talks and watch it at your own time within the Conference schedule.

Everyone is encouraged to join this free event by registering at https://jesus-centeredlife.org/. You may also like and follow the Conference Facebook page: JesusCentered Life for Conference updates and information. For other inquiries or partnerships, interested parties may email jesuscentered@paref.edu.ph.