2023 University Entrance Applications

June 18, 2023 | Information Office


Congratulations to our graduates for their achievements in the most recent university entrance applications!

Your achievement is a step closer to pursuing your field of study and future profession. The school community is immensely proud to witness your success as you embark on this new chapter of your young lives.

University of Asia and the Pacific
PAREF Springdale Passing Percentage:91%

  1. Liam Nathaniel Fabiosa
  2. Eugenio Andres Gica
  3. Enzo Nathan Go
  4. Kole Christian Go
  5. Sean Michael Ligan
  6. Juan Miguel Mancio
  7. \Vince Andre Ong Oh
  8. Elian Salvado
  9. Antonio Shaun Sulay
  10. Johann Jason Eashoa Tan

De La Salle University
PAREF Springdale Passing Percentage: 88%

  1. Gavin Chona
  2. Liam Nathaniel Fabiosa
  3. Gian Carlo Mikael Fermin
  4. Eugenio Andres Gica
  5. Enzo Nathan Go
  6. Kole Christian Go
  7. Denzel Jarret Jadman
  8. Sean Michael Ligan
  9. Juan Miguel Mancio
  10. Lance Ngo
  11. Arvin Christian Ong
  12. Vince Andre Ong Oh
  13. Elian Salvado
  14. Antonio Shaun Sulay
  15. Johann Jason Eashoa Tan

Ateneo de Manila University
PAREF Springdale Passing Percentage:57%

  1. Gian Carlo Mikael Fermin
  2. Eugenio Andres Gica
  3. Enzo Nathan Go
  4. Sean Michael Ligan
  5. Lance Ngo
  6. Elian Salvado
  7. Antonio Shaun Sulay
  8. Johann Jason Eashoa Tan

University of the Philippines
PAREF Springdale Passing Percentage:53%

  1. Liam Nathaniel Fabiosa
  2. David Matthias Gonzales
  3. Sean Michael Ligan
  4. Juan Miguel Mancio
  5. Joseph Kyle Ng
  6. Elian Salvado
  7. Joaquin Adrian Solon
  8. Antonio Shaun Sulay
  9. Johann Jason Eashoa Tan