Dr. Renante Payod’s Address before the Blessing of the Holy Family Wall Shrine

February 16, 2023 | Information Office

This is the transcript of the address delivered by Dr. Renante C. Payod to the school community and guests who attended the Blessing of the Holy Family Wall Shrine last February 10, 2023 at the School Quadrangle.

Reverend Father Julio Dieguez, Regional Vicar of Opus Dei, Mr. Vicente Tex Hernandez, the PAREF Springdale School Board led by Dr. Vicente Verallo, the great Cebuano Artist – Mr. Celso Pepito, the Management Committee, dear parents, teachers, students and guests, good morning. Thank you for celebrating with us in this constant effort to further strengthen everyone’s piety in the Springdale community.

When lockdowns and travel restrictions were imposed in 2020, our students continued to learn and interact remotely with their classmates and teachers. The mentoring program has helped our students and their families cope with the pandemic’s adversities and challenges. While we do not always have control over our circumstances, we do have control over our attitude. We have seen a lot of families deal with stressful situations as a result of this pandemic. However, we have also witnessed a great deal of resilience on the part of both parents and children. Families have adjusted by eating more family dinners together, rediscovering fun family games, adopting plantito and plantita roles, providing better care for the household pets and praying the Holy Rosary and attending online masses together.

We were truly glad when the blended learning modality was implemented for our classes in Springdale at the start of this school year. We were delighted to finally see our students in person as they visit the chapel to greet our Lord in the tabernacle every morning. Despite the fact that many of them have forgotten the basic procedures and routines when participating the onsite masses, you still experience the same sense of peace, learn more about your faith, and feel in communion with one another.

As a school of character, our efforts in honing our children’s piety is more deliberate. In our morning assembly every Tuesday and Thursday, everyone is reminded of each one’s dedication to the school’s vision and mission as they recite the oath of commitment of a Springdale gentleman. Our boys pray before and after classes, before and after meals, they see our Chaplain for confession, they pray the rosary every Wednesday, and they attend the Blessed Sacrament Exposition every first Thursday of the month. These are just a few of the many activities that strengthen their faith and love for God.

In the accreditation visits of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities or (PAASCU) and the Character Education Partnership or (CEP), they both expressed their admiration to the Springdale community for fostering the importance of the family in the holistic development of our young children. They were impressed by the active participation of parents, teachers, and the educational community in each student’s ongoing character development in Springdale.

With the presence of the school’s last stone, as Fr. Gerry Quejada would call it, the Holy Family Wall Shrine will certainly inspire more students and families to pray together, nourish their faith and struggle to imbibe the virtues exemplified by our Sto. Niño, Our Lady and St. Joseph.

Thank you and good morning!