Elementary students spread Christmas cheer through Annual Outreach Program

December 20, 2023 | Information Office

After two years of remote outreaches, around 200 students from Tisa Elementary School felt the Christmas cheer in the in-person Annual Outreach Program organized by the Elementary Department of PAREF Springdale School last December 15, 2023.

The day started with a short orientation on the Outreach Program in the School Quadrangle, where they were welcomed to the School and given a glimpse on what to expect from the program.

Each PAREF Springdale student was assigned to a Tisa ES student to ensure that each student will have a personalized and special encounter with the beneficiaries.

The morning unfolded with each class hosting a unique program within their classrooms. From engaging Getting to Know You (GTKY) sessions to fun and interactive games, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and camaraderie.

It was followed by a short salu-salo that created an environment where bonds were forged and memories shared.

Each student-beneficiary received a pail of goods, which contained grocery items for their families.

Aside from receiving pails of goods and supplies, Tisa ES students also received slightly used school bags and school supplies, which were personally prepared by PAREF Springdale students.

Students on the second and third floors actively assisted their newfound friends in transporting the items they received to the Quadrangle. This collective effort created a sense of unity and shared purpose, showcasing the power of community.

Tisa ES students not only left the outreach program with cherished memories but also bring-home snacks for their journey back home. This considerate gesture encapsulated the true spirit of the Christmas season – spreading joy and goodwill.

This outreach program provided a platform for students to practice virtues such as generosity and empathy and allowed them to appreciate their blessings.

Coordinated by the Student Affairs Office and the Head Teachers of the School Departments, the event was a testament to the school’s commitment to community engagement and the embodiment of the Christmas spirit.