Join the Parents Track of the JCL 2020 Conference

December 6, 2020 | Reggie Clyde Delosa


Here’s the Chavez Family sharing why we should attend the Jesus-Centered Life International Family Conference.

It is never too late to catch up with the talks and live sessions of our FIRST ONLINE International Family Conference. You still have the chance to be inspired by over 70+ Filipino and international speakers and follow through the Conference events by registering at FOR FREE today until December 8, 2020.

Access the Conference Schedule of LIVE activities: 

Stream all the live public sessions here: JesusCentered Life.

Don’t forget to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of the Conference Access Pass for $ 25 (roughly PhP 950) for full access to the Conference talks (even after December 8, 2020) and an e-copy of the book Jesus-Centered Life: A Guide to the Happiest Life by Dr. Raul Nidoy. This is a perfect way to prepare for Christ’s coming this Christmas.

Order the book by sending a message to the Jesus-Centered Life Facebook page: 

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