PAREF Sports Program

July 13, 2022 | Reggie Clyde Delosa

In this short video on our various sports programs across the different PAREF Schools, one will see how important it is to be physically active, thus helping one to be emotionally and mentally sound.

The PAREF Sports Program is the result of the collaboration among the parents, the PE teachers, coaches, Personal Formation officers, and club moderators in the various PAREF schools in the country. A product of the renowned home-school collaborative relationship between parents and PAREF, this seamless alignment and unity of goals allow our PAREF students to benefit from the holistic athletic programs immensely.

The sports programs are age and development appropriate, incorporating both physical literacy and values formation. In this sense, they aid in Forging Excellence and Forming Character in the PAREF community.

One PAREF. One PAREF Sports Program.
Forging Excellence. Forming Character.