PAREF Springdale gives tribute to support staff in Christmas Get-together

December 19, 2023 | Information Office

To show the School’s appreciation for their sincere and tireless service to the school community, the Personal Formation Office organized a Christmas Get-together for the School’s maintenance and security personnel last December 18, 2023.

The get-together was made possible through the benevolence of some anonymous families and individuals who wanted to bring the festive spirit to the School’s unsung heroes.

They actively participated in a short program, which consisted of games, meals, a short talk, and karaoke sessions.

Towards the end of the program, they received noche buena packs for their families before singing and enjoying the entire day.

Bene omnia facere
In his short address to those in attendance, Mr. Ric Ampiloquio acknowledged the indirect role and influence of the School’s maintenance and security personnel in the formation of the students.

“Abi ninyo’g ang magtutudlo naa ra sa classroom? Dili. Kamo sad, nga mosanong sa ilang mga pamalihug, pareho sa pagtabang og alsa sa mga lingkuran or pagpanglimpyo sa ilang classroom, CR, ug uban pa,” Mr. Ampiloquio said.

(You thought that teachers are always in the classroom? No. You are also “indirect” teachers when you run errands for them like carrying chairs or cleaning their classroom, comfort rooms, and others”)

As support personnel, they subliminally impart values to the school community through their unwearied action and continued dedication to the School as it strives to realize its goals.

He also reminded them to be always guided by the School’s motto, Bene omnia facere, in all things that they do for the School and for others.