PAREF Springdale shares Christmas gifts with Labangon BLISS Elementary School

January 3, 2022 | Reggie Clyde Delosa

Almost a hundred students and teachers from Labangon Bliss Elementary School were grateful to receive the Christmas pails from the PAREF Springdale School Elementary Department last December 14, 2022.

Distance did not hinder our Elementary students to share their blessings through the school representatives, who were warmly received by the beneficiaries through a short welcome and turnover program attended by the students and their families.

Reyna Marquez, Labangon Bliss ES Assistant Principal, said they did not expect that the School chose their school as recipients of the pails of goods as these activities was discontinued during the pandemic school years.

The Annual Christmas Outreach Project aims to develop in our students the virtues of generosity and compassion as they share the spirit of Christmas with the school’s chosen recipients.

The recipients received the pails which contained grocery goods, sanitary and cleaning products, and used clothes and toys.

The beneficiaries’ families extend their gratitude to the PAREF Springdale families who made an effort to make their Christmas celebrations brighter this year.